LFW Outfit Day 1

I'm always hella late with the Fashion week pictures and I know its a bit annoying, but it takes me aaaaaages to pick out the best ones. I could literally stare at pictures for days before picking out the 'perfect' picture. I guess its something I just have to learn how to get better at, but give me time :)

I didn't want anything uncomfortable, but I'm all about the extravagance so you know I had to wear Virgoslounge. (No one does it better)

I'm loving Olivia from 'Fashion somebody's' intense look behind me. She's such a darling and we hung out a lot that day. Lauren who I've also hung out with this season was standing right behind me. You can probably just about see her legs. I'll be posting pictures of all my Fashion Week Friends soon. They've all bee so lovely. 

Zara Slip
VirgosLounge Blazer (Not out till november(Party collection))
YSL bag
Ebay shoes

P.S 1. Look, I dont know what is causing my skin to look all burnt and baked but i'm really nat feeling it. I blame the sun to be honest,  Or the photographers. Yes, all their cameras were bad, its not my face at all. x_x Even my camera is of poor quality.
P.S 2 I know I've worn these shoes at least once for the past 3 season without fail, but they are the most comfortable shoes I have so don't judge. I'll try not to wear them again next time. Hopefully I become rich overnight and get the pair of Givenchy boots I've been talking about. People have given enough designers credit for the shoes (i.e. Balenciaga /Sam Edelman) NO, all credit goes to Ebay. Thanks on their behalf though. I'm sure they'll be flattered. LOL...

Lots of Love,


  1. omg, your outer is goreous!!!!!!!!!! outstanding look!!

  2. Gorgeous outfit as always and I love your hair xxx

  3. Love the sam edelman copies, they look so good.
    Been looking all over ebay for them and finally found a seller. Been lusting after them for the past two years! haha

    Lola x

  4. love that blazer


  5. Love love love this collection....can't wait!



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