I'm not deeply into photography or anything like that. But Brassai, I just find fascinating. I had to share.

I have no clue why i'm so glued to his work. I'm Beginning to think that these are all things I want, or situations/places I want to be in (apart from the prostitution aspect). But, It's still in my subconscious, so I don't know it yet( that might not make sense to you guys, but it makes sense in My head)

Brassai was an inspirational artist from the 1920's Most of the work i've seen is from the 30's though.

Arc de Triomphe
I find it even more interesting when I see Antique photos of places/things I've actually seen in person. It shows a different perspective. its also like I have a relationship with it. 
I remember the almost numinous feeling that came over me, standing in my clogs on a hot summer day at the age of 8/9. This photo is much more overwhelming if I'm being honest.

Chez "Suzy"

The most controversial in my opinion. She was probably the perception of an ideal woman back then. Try thinking about the ideal woman now. skinny(as portrayed by most media sources) and rather androgynous in some aspects. However, this model is curvy, womanly and absolutely loving it.

"Bijou" of the Montmartre cabarets
From "Paris by Night"

Obelisk and fountains in the Place de la Concorde
From "Paris by Night"

Paris prostitute

Backstage at the Folies-Bergere

Lovers in a Bistro

While doing more research, I learnt that Galliiano has a collection Inspired by his work. amazing!!

Till next time :)


  1. His work is really interesting! It's kind of dark & solemn, leaving a feeling of mystery. Really beautiful!


  2. Hello, sorry to interrupt, but "Satirist Dancer" was made by André Kertész, another great Hungarian photographer who involved Brassai in photography and showed him how to work with this media. Both of them are simply the great masters of photography - classics.

  3. Such a shame, satirist dancer is André Kertész's picture!!!Please stop advertise this mistake!


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