At Fashion week, you can always tell the people who've got genuine character and the ones who get dressed up just to be photographed. The latter can be very ridiculous and I'm not fascinated by them in any way whatsoever. This year, I missed 2 shows because of street style photographing and it was worth it in every way. In every interview I've ever done, I've always pointed out that people give me some sort of inspiration be it via casually watching them, other personal style bloggers and/or street style. Its the most genuine and most natural form of fashion that there is left as everything has become so commercial, one directional and so fricking icy. I'm more into the art of assembling the day to day outfits and not the labels. I guess I could say I almost hate labels these days because it seems to be the driving force of this generations style choices. I can't wait till people want a pair of shoes because it suits their character and not because they are Margiela's or because kanye thinks its cool. I can't wait till people get their minds back. I feel like we need to wake up really. I'll stop ranting now. Check these real people out. P.S. I'll start posting about all the shows I went to tomorrow. I can't wait for yall to see em!


  1. I agree so much with everything you just said, you're so wise for your age!! Love the photos xxx

  2. ommgggg
    the third picture- the lady on the right in the colourful dress is my boss!!!
    Shes always looking amazing

  3. Girl you speak the TRUTH on the obsession with labels these days. Its disgusting and boring. Street and Vintage pieces are a lot more pleasing and interesting to the eyes.

    Nice photos.

  4. amazing photos! :)
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