Ozwald yeah

These photos were taken during London Fashion week at an Ozwald Boateng Press day. I had an opportunity to watch the design process of the OB designers which was very different seeing as it's mens wear, and ever so tailored. The inspiration of the collection came from the African Safari hence the hats and choice of colours. Personally, I think the difference between This collection and the past ones is that its more appealling to younger people in the sense that it is more modernised and trends young people will wear now are evident in these designs. Everyone who works at the office were ever so kind, and so were the fit models. The arrangement you will find below of the colour blocked shirts and ties were arranged by yours truly. :)

More photos after the jump.

Hope youve enjoyed this post, I have a few more hopefully coming this week. :)

Till next time doll faces.. xxxxxxxxxxx


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  2. Wow ... what colors! the collection is impressive, I loved.
    How lucky you could be there!

  3. Love love your blog :). Spotted your slouchy suede bag, could you please say where you got it from? Have a great day :)

  4. The slouchy suede bag is from aldo. :)

    Thanks guys



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