Behind The scenes at Aglaia

I styled a shoot a few weeks ago which was rather tasking as it included both male and female looks and I had literally 24 hours to get ready. Thankfully, God always pulls through, and he helped me out with this one yet again. I loved the fact that the collection ranged from punk rock looks to cute looks to chic and classy. Everything was done professionally and It was a pleasure to work with everyone. I can't wait to see the finished product which will be released sometime before Tuesday. 

More photos after the jump

I still don't remember why I was wearing sunglasses. I think I might have been suffering from some sort of hangover or something along those lines. 

OR maybe I just didn't like my face that day. 

Till next time dollfaces.. 



  1. Hard at work I see. I love that studded denim vest.


  2. great styling... i love the leather jacket! :)

    Hei Echa!

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    advice will be appreciated :)

  4. love these looks, girl! that sweater with the button down underneath is awesome-- chic.

    following you, mama!

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