LFW day 2- Red jersey jumpsuit and Lenon shades.... WHAT?!

London, London. Who would have known that I could be so excited to be  here. well well, Its just this week. I'm sure next week and beyond it'll be back to normal. *sigh*

I've got an interview at the university of Kent on Thursday and one at LCF on Monday. Wish me luck!

 Exhibitions at the somerset house....

I am In LOOOOOOVE with that jumper... *swoon**

Bernard Chandran- My best of the day.

Mr Hudson. He looks so much better in real life.. I swear, I just wanted to eat him. Imagine how I reacted when he sat a few seats away from me. *Major swooooooonage*

Lots of bright colours obviously. Ever so vibrant and exciting..... I want the long Red lace dress and the pink or orange ostrich feather Gilet!! I also think they were the most beautiful models I've seen so far. I love the hair colouring.

Belle Sauvage- SICK!!!

I cant even begin to comprehend the sickness of this print..... ACE!!

Total opposite of Bernard Chandran!!Belle Sauvage was very dull coloured. But dull in a fabulous way....  ;) Again, can you spot the celebrity?

My Lenon shades.... Feel free to laugh, but I love them :)


Sorry it took me ages to put this up. I've been quite busy with other things.
I promise to upload day 4 (seeing as I was asleep throughout day 3(sunday)) soon...
Keep your eyeballs open!!

p.s when I say "sick" I mean it in a good way :)

I've met so many lovely people over the past few days and I'm grateful to God, my sisters and friends for that. 
I'm having one of the best school breaks I've ever had. 
Thanks everyone!!!

Till next time :) :)


  1. hope someday we can link up when u in London again honey,awesome pics&u look stunning a always love it all

    btw goodluck with ur interiew at UoKent wanted 2go there but ended up at University of East London

  2. Great post!!!
    lovely outfits...
    Omg! red jumpsuit? is perfect!!! <33

  3. John Lennon sunnies?!?! You pull them off flawlessly!


  4. Hey!
    Love your blog & it was good seeing you at LFW :)
    Featured you on my Street Style post from London Fashion Week!



  5. OMG!!! Those necklaces were to die for! I love your red jumpsuit & her pink pleated skirt is too cute!!!


  6. i absolutely love how you look, you and your friends. pictures from the show are also pretty amazing.

    so, as you want from us, i wsh you luck on monday :)


  7. Hey Hey- great blog just saw you on Vogue it website! http://www.vogue.it/en/vogue-black/look-of-the-day/2011/02/london-fashion-week-recap

  8. Wow I really love these! How cute!


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