LFW day 4.... soak it in... it is the last of the bunch...

From going to unplanned shows to meeting up with friends from my old school after, I must say that was a day to remember....

Fabrian- Purple and black.. My 2 favourite colours.... 

Kike of Stylebyqueens.co.uk  and oye of Virogslounge.com

Bunmi Koko.... one of Nigerias finest designers based in the UK.

What I was going to wear.... 

Samantha Cole- Vogue says that she is one to watch!!

I love love love them all!!
 My interview at Kent was a success, now waiting for LCF on monday.... sigh...
Also, I was featured on Vogue Italia. http://www.vogue.it/vogue-blac

How sweet of them right....                                  I'm planning to Feature others on my blog..... Let the Search begin!!!

                                      These are the last LFW photos.... Isn't that sad?!! :(
                                                        Back to life, back to reality...

                                                         Till next time lovelies  :)


  1. Amazing, loving the outfit you were going to wear, with the jersey and the leather, yummy.

    How amazing to have been featured on Vogue Italia, no wonder with that skirt, love it, and still can't get over the footwear...x


  2. You really have style! :)

    Fashion Rehab

  3. Sounds like fun. I featured you in my blog. Also put up a picture of you from Vogue-Italia (i hope you forgive me...:S lol)


  4. Congrats on the feature and what fun you had! Jealous much :)


  5. i love it everything looks so exciting and you are so beautiful xoxo

  6. Oooooooh! Just Clocked Sinem and Pepper (from FAB magazine) front row there in ur pics. ;). Great blog!x


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