Day 1 LFW. Enjoy

With me being disorganised and everything, I was quite proud of myself  because I got to all the 4 shows on time. By "on time" I mean 20 minutes after the time written on the invitation because its LFW. Thats just how it is.
Anyway, My first stop was Maria Grachvogel. - My best on day 1.

I dont know who is more beautiful. Maria or her designs. You could tell her personality from the clothes. Reserved, quiet and classy lady, but powerful in her own way. The collection consisted of her signature slimming trousers, fiery prints, pencil dresses, gentle fabrics e.t.c. I particularly became obsessed with he waistlines of the trousers. So PERFECT! Its very difficult to find the perfect pair of trousers these days but, these are beyond perfect. They are very flattering to the woman's body. I also noticed less use of her fiery prints in this collection.
It was my First ever official LFW fashion show and i'm pretty damn chuffed I first experienced it at the Savoy. The atmosphere was very reserved and classical. The music was classical, the clothes are classic pieces  I got a nice goodie bag and an unexpected front row seat. I guess this blog isnt as bad as I thought it was.

My second stop which I wouldn't have made if not for the grace of God was JENA THEO. Fricking awesome!!! PARDON THE BAD QUALITY PICTURES. Some were taken with my crap phone camera.

 The theme was somewhat rockish/modern chic warrior (it all makes more sense in my head) The music made me want to go to a rave and the atmosphere was just too exciting for words. CHAOS!! I've never seen layering been done so beautifully. Lots of puffs and huffs. I saw lots of dark colours....... shades of deep purples, dark green, black, black and more black. Think Glamorous Emo.

I didn't have lots to upload for this show because the other pictures are just beyond bad quality. Uploading them will be punishing you lot.

A couple of Meeee pictures, Street style I love and designs at the exhibitions in Somerset house.

They manner in which this skirt was adorned is just breathtaking. The mix of two vibrant colours and beading makes me think of the traditional Indian attire. You reckon the designer got their inspiration from India? I do.

 Thirdly came Bora Aksu which I went to after going to rest at home. I think this was the most futuristic of them all.

 I fell In love with the green lace dress.... I think I really want it!! the other dresses were ace as well.. Mostly neutral colours apart from the use of greens. I love this shade of green to death! I need to get my claws on that greeeeeeen dress!! I thought the idea of using neutral colours and green is a suggestion. I'm thinking the inspiration was from something related to nature. Its so neatly done and creative.

Lastly, Ashley Isham. Think Feminine, this prints, think FLOWERS!

 This was a proper ace show because it was the first proper young, girly, playful collection I had seen. its beyond beautiful. The head pieces did it for me!!
As well as fun colours, there was also silver and black which   aren't usually associated with fun and girly,  but it seemed to work on this occasion. I've never seen the ability to mix femininity and such grunge like this collection.
Can you spot the celebrities?

Are your eyes sore yet? I bet they are. If they aren't, i bet they'll be sore when I upload the pictures from day 2 at LFW soon.


  1. oh my looks like so much fun. Also how amazing is your see through skirt? Nice!

  2. Love the flow and drape of the first collection. And like Anne said your skirt is amazing, can't stop looking at your boots, where are they from? Love them...x

  3. Nice love the sheer. qn. can one buy tickets to the shies or is it by invite only?

  4. loving the sheer! great outfit


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