J. JS Lee AW 13/14

 I've never encountered garments so simple but yet so well thought out. Clearly having a thing for exaggerated proportions, lee is able to portray a more playful side to her collection.
Her along with only a handful of other designers are able to make intentionally made oversized clothing became ironically chic. Who though 'chic' could be ironic? This has secured her position, in my books, as a designer to watch.
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Styling with the use of a lot of roll necks under dresses, knits and jackets, you would probably see  one the main reasons why this collection overly appeals to me. It's pretty much been my standard uniform through the winter months. I've been waiting for the one bold designer who could manage to make them look cool again just so I can wear them in all of my glory and pride.

Keyword: Uniform
Most intriguingly, there has become a staple utilitarian feel to Lee's garments in terms of cuts, shapes and fits. Simple, classic and practical are the 3 main themes in play.

I noticed not only in Lee's collection, but throughout shows this season, that more brights are being used rather than the dreary darks as you would expect for A/W. It's safe to say that gloomy colours seem to be going out of trend and will hopefully take along with itself the very uninteresting thing called depression.

Check out those Brougals! (Brogues/Sandals) (Cue Chrianna and Kimye) 
These may have a little catching up to do in the real world, but the concept is really quite fun.

Sorry for the short leave of absence. I was taking a little break.
I'm now back in full force. At least for the next couple of weeks. 


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