Maria Grachvogel A/W 14

  Known for her utilisation of the most fluid fabrics and stellar prints, her strategy makes for some stand out pieces as you will see below. She is truly an artist.
Digitally printed forestry on ridiculously flowy chiffon has emerged as the designers staple in more recent seasons. 
 Using prints of a somewhat arcane nature, her work is slightly more interesting every season as she is able to relay mysterious themes such as 'Death in nature' successfully.

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She has a way of infusing modernity, grace and beauty into her designs, which creates a sense of ease that most glamorous but laid back women will appreciate. The designers colour way plays a big part in this process, consisting of mainly neutrals but with pops of sharp colours every now and then to make for a well rounded collection. 

Side note:

Taking away my LFW virginity a couple of years ago, Maria Grachvogel is one designer who I can say has personally inspired me. The few times I've been lucky enough to see her, I just hovered around with the intention of saying hi and possibly jumping her but I always refrained because of the possibility that I wouldn't have gotten the desired response.
Now, I'm not sure that I'll be able to make a heart felt post every time I discuss her, but on this one occasion, I had to overzealously testify my love for her. As a designer who didn't actually study fashion or anything of the likes, she has done pretty well for herself over the last 20 years. 

All photos by me.


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