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We are all bloggers, well, we like to blog, but most importantly, we are friends. There is nothing cooler than 3 friends who do the same thing and love it 'merging' to create fun and cheerful posts every once in a while. A lot of people take this blogging thing too seriously and sometimes, I find that I'm on the verge but I'm not that chick. No matter how hard I try, I'm just not! (and neither are they) These pictures were taken just outside my back garden and well most will see that we are really quite silly by nature. They say it's mainly my influence, but I think it's innate in us all, they just havent realised it yet.
More photos after the jump....

So as Eki, Toyin and I have done go out in the sun and act a fool with your friends ;)

And the most thanks to our beautiful photog and director Mira!!



Comments/constructive criticism are welcome! :)