Aint nobody got time for that.

You wouldn't believe this is the same Virgos Lounge Coco dress I wore here would you?
Actually, I'm sure its not that hard to believe but an element of exaggeration is always necessary in these blog posts you see.

I won't insult anyone by doing a "How to turn your party dress into a day dress." guide but I will tell you why you should do it. (It's really just a matter of layering underneath or over said dress)

Why you should wear a party dress in the daytime
1. It becomes a badge of honour when you can say "Yeah, I totally rocked that ball gown down the high street on some random monday afternoon." 
2. People will stare. Now, they might be thinking 'who does this b***h think she is strutting around in her prom dress'. Who cuures what they be thinking gurl, atleast they looking!
3. You will stand out of the crowd.
4. You WILL look fly.
5. Most importantly, you can repeat the dress as many times as you want to and not get called out for it. *Can I hear an Ameeeeen Jesus*

More pictures after the jump.

Fist off, the neck detail wasn't showing at all and ain't nobody really got time fo dat so I tucked one half of the collar in but then I just ended up looking like a scruff. Ain't nobody got time fo dat either.

If you follow me on instagram you probably remember me asking for your opinions about these Rachel Zoe wedges. The thing is I'm slowly going off any form of platformed shoes mainly because they can come across a tad tacky. I have become a connoisseur for 'yummy steep as hell' stilettos because lets face it, ain't nothing sexier than a well curved out piece of leg ;)
The only problem is the discomfort they cause.

Ain't nobody in HELL got time fo dat! (not all the time anyway)

If you haven't already noticed, I'm obsessed with the above phrase.
Love, Me


  1. LOL you and this phrase.

    anyways *snaps fingers in Z formation* you look fly mami!


  2. You look divine! Tots random, What base have you got on your face??

    1. Hi, I'm not sure what 'base' is but im guessing you mean foundation. I have body shop 'oil free' foundation on.

      Hope that helps


  3. Yes thank you!! sorryyy for the excess questions but which one of them and in what shade? Xx

    1. Thats ok :) its the 'Body shop balancing oil Free' foundation in a shade 9.


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