Party Collection

Hey peeps!! Just a warning..... This post is heavily loaded with pictures! The Virgoslounge Party collection is out tomorrow and I'm sure we all can't wait. This is the first and official release of the full collection. 

Of course the staple aesthetic of opulence, richness and sick embroidery has been kept, but there is a more adventurous side these pieces in comparison to the others. After all, it is the party season; what better a time than now to be frivolous with our fashion choices? Don't be the party pooper who goes out partying in jeans because you think its cool. A Virgoslounge dress is way cooler.

 The peach dress up there is my favourite as the colour is so gentle and sweet but the style and embroidery makes it wayyyyy too hot for any more words. The contrast with the clutch sure doesn't hurt the eyes. It's the perfect outfit!

I wore this jacket a couple of months ago to the first day of fashion week. See here

There are about 30 pieces after the jump so.

Fave #2

What do you guys think?

Check out the campaign video here




Comments/constructive criticism are welcome! :)