Complete with the pregnancy, and engagement ring, rosy cheeks, back pack, trainers, and my underwear as shorts, I don't think I've ever embarassed my friends as much as I did that day. Life is way to short to be a cat or a god forsaken devil every halloween

I know this is late because halloween was like a year ago, but this stuff needs to be up here. Ok my first outfit was some sort of downplayed military officery look. It was a bit rushed so it might not look like it. This second costume was my official and bestestest halloween costume and might be the most ridiculous thing I've done yet (might being the key word there) . Can you guess what I was? If you cant, check the end of this post. haha. Tip: Cartoon character who travels the world with her cute little monkey and sings all the time BUT, with a ratchet twist! BOOM!!

I'm a very big halloween fan nd I try to dress up every year. 
My outfit last year which I actually never showed anyone, I went as Jasmine.(Aladdin)
 I'm still not quite sure what my costume was the year before that, but you can see pictures of that  here  .

Some photos courtesy of My friend Eki's ace blog!! http://thechameleonblogger.blogspot.co.uk/

I was DORAAAA!!!




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