Strada Menu launch

Last thursday I had the pleasure of attending the launch of the new and gorgeous Strada menu at their More street branch with the wonderful view of the London Bridge. 

With that landmark being my favourite place in the world, and food being the most important thing to me, I had never been happier.

I could tell from the taste that all the dishes I had were made from the finest ingredients. Many of which were transported from the dishes region of origin. The freshest and greenest olives imported freshly from Sicily, breads flavoured cheeses and meats from the depths of Italy . I can't gush enough, but it really takes you through an extraordinary culinary journey through Italy. One thing I love the most about eating out is experiencing other cultures and Strada certainly enables one to enjoy this experience to the maximum. 

If only only you could have a chef demonstrate everything that you order right in front of you every time you went out to eat.

P.s. You NEED to try their pistachio ice cream. It's was orgasmic! 



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  1. i love strada;i haven't eaten at the More London branch though. the view look stunning!


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