Backstage at Jena Theo

There are some shows that I have to be at every season, and Jena Theo is one of them. I have a more emotional attachment to the brand as a whole and I'm not sure why. It might be that it was one of my first shows at LFW a few years back or that the pieces are just the most suited to my style of all the collections I see every season.
I'll be posting the proper catwalk presentation later this week so I won't give a proper review now. Like I said previously, botanics and nature seem to be the order of the S/S season which I cant wait for. Who doesn't love a bit of  floral goodness. The design duo were also able to infuse such a day time and playful theme being flowers into their evening wear as you can see in the still above. Dresses like that are the reason I live and anyone who knows me, can testify to that. Beading, exquisite embroidery, fluidity and simplicity all in one; I need it!

If you're not a fan of neutral photo's I apologize. I just find they are a little bit more mysterious and interesting. Doesn't it just make you wonder?
This might be my favourite LFW post so far. I had so much fun taking these pictures and being allowed to go backstage for such an amazing show was awsome!! 
What do you think about the photography, the clothes, shoes, makeup and all the backstage chaos?


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