The beginning of my 'Beauty on the Sabbath' chronicles

I feel like this blog is becoming bloody boring too one-directional with all this fashion talk so I've been wanting to make it more beauty related for a while now because it's something I've just recently become interested in. I've done a few beauty posts here and there but nothing particularly serious. A lot of people ask questions about stuff I use, so I might as well just do so right. Im not making videos or anything complicated like that just yet. Just simple reviews and telling you about all the stuff I use that I love and will recommend every sunday hence the 'Beauty on the Sabbath' :)

There are a few other products I've tried, but didn't like which I won't post about.

The organic Pharmacy Honey and Jasmine face mask
This is pretty much heaven in a pot yall!! I've only used it once and its so nice and gentle and smells lovely!! It made my face feel like a baby's bum and provides moisture for the face which will pretty much last you a week or more even. I will recommend using it only once a week/2 weeks because of how rich it is. Chicks, It's amazing! See here

Dermalogica Face products
Daily exfoliant
Face smoothing cream
Face wash

I've always had OK skin *Touch wood* but then right after I started work this summer, my face started falling appart which no one else seemed to notice but me, but never mind that. I tried everything, but nothing made a difference, then I tried Dermalogica.
                                                      Click here for more.

It did take a few days, but after a week, it makes your face feel and look totally different. It cleared up all my imperfections which is the only word I can use because they weren't spots, they were just like little annoying stuff that were there and refused to leave!!  Now, I'm not sure exactly which of the products are doing the trick, but I know that they sure do work well together. My best bet on what people should buy if you can't get all will be the Exfolliant and/or the Smoothening cream.

The best thing about the smoothening cream is that very weirdly, my makeup looks so much better these days. Its easier to apply, it gives a smoother feeling and finish and make it look like I've got nothing on. LOVE IT!!

Bare Minerals Ready SPF Foundation
Available exclusively to Selfridges from October.
I've been using Bare Minerals for over 2 years now mainly because its the only foundation that I've used which is genuinely good for my skin. It's filled with minerals and composed of highly concentrated, mineral-rich algae and seaweed, containing antioxidants and rose hip seed oil and contains with vitamins C and E for a healthy-looking complexion. Being a loose powder, clogging of the pores doesn't occur which is the best thing anyone could want in a makeup product and its got good coverage. I don't need products with maximum coverage but I've been told that depending on how many layers of this foundation you use, coverage ranges from good to great without looking like you've piled on makeup. Ive been using this for so long and I don't believe like I look like a I pile it on. This new product out exclusively to Selfridges in a couple of days and I cannot wait to get my hands on it because I'm sure it'll be better than the last one.
The campaign is based on the idea that this product doesn't look of feel like a foundation, but does the job just as well, if not better. I can testify to the Bare Minerals Matte Foundation having this effect, so I don't see why this shouldn't. For those of us with oily/combination skin, this will also be great because usually by the end of the say the Matter powder doesn't let any shine or oiliness break through unless I've had a very very strenuous and busy day which is understandable.
The only problem I have with the MATTE powder is that I'm a little clumsy clut, so it tends to go all over the place from my floor, to my tables to my bed. This new 'Ready Foundation' is compact and solid, so that kind of solves all my problems in life. no?

MAC Pro LongWear Lipglass
Long lasting extra shiny and sexy lipgloss which literally refuses to leave my lips every time I use is it is  probably my greatest beauty find during the summer because its also the perfect colour.

You can get all of the above products from the newly refurbished Beauty bar in Selfridges or the makeup section which is where mine are all from. They are priced the same everywhere but its just more convenient to get it all from the same place. Some things can't be found online but will definitely be in store


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