Winter Boots Faves

Its that time of the year again.... That time when the night comes earlier and we think it can't get any colder. Well, the trutch of the matter is, its gonna get colder, so saddle up chicks. But, like I always say, with the bad comes the good. Autumn/Winter is a great time for fashion because ther weather is an excuse to wear more and more and layer it all up, while showing off all your fabulous pieces at the same time.

I'll start with the boots. They are a must have for me for the winter because I cannot deal with cold/frozen/numb feet. Im sure im not the only wuss who's cried multiple times because of the discomfort that comes along with frozen limbs and body parts. Its a horrible experience!

My favourite kinna boots are knee lenght these days. I've been rocking some black ones which I stole from my housemate like EVERYDAY. These bad boys are Mulberry. They look like they would last a life time don't they? Sometimes, I class some items as investments, and these will definitely fall into that category.

Now, these are here not because they are  practical (Which I'm sure they are too), but because they are a work of art. I'm not at all surprised as its a Nicholas Kirkwood and Erdem collaboration, but I really and truly just can't get over it. The structural and architectural aesthetic of Nicholas Kirkwood combined with the buoyant and amazing printing by Erdem should produce nothing less than greatness.... Its definitely a conversation starter!!  Check them out here.

Ebay has never disappointed me, and they aren't about to start with that. Here is why.... I just love these because of the Edginess its got but also come alongside comfort and practicality. See here

Even more badass from RiverIsland, I love these!! 
I consider this to be the Perfect boot!. Elements of comfort, style, practicality and awesomeness all in one pair of kicks. Its certainly right up my street. Studs are so big this season (like the last 7 seasons) so, its bang on trend too. By Mulberry

While on the subject of Mulberry..... I've only very recently started doing some research on brands for educational purposes which is how I came across their gorgeous creations currently in stores. ESPECIALLY THEIR BAGS. (Oh, and you NEED to watch their Spring Summer catwalk here) They've been making some pretty sick bags as of late, and I just thought you guys might want to see them.

Not a lot of colours suit me, but orange does so whenever I spot it, I'm always so drawn to it. Then I begin to idolise and obsess over whatever the item is, until I get over it. It's a very tiring cycle. But I don't think I'll ever get tired of these beauties if I ever get my hands on them.

My next Winter post will be more high street based, so I'm mixing and alternating a lil bit ;)

Do you guys love these too?

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