Quit playing!

I love the manner in which the top gives an effortlessly chic look. Not on me of course. I look like a hobo in it. But on others, it looks fab!
The colour combination of blue and yellow also seems to a more acceptable look these days....  try it out. it looks good on everyone..
But don't get crazy*bon quiqui voice* I mean deep/mustard yellows.... Almost dark gold. Not NEON.

Even the Sartorialist says so :)

                                                           The ring Tolu oshin gave me :D thanks again Tolu.... shes like a big sis

Music I LOVE at this moment!

Model in the mirror- Nikki Lynette
Childish Gambino- so Fly
Maroon 5- misery
Stand by me - the disney cast
lucky- the glee cast
Price tag- Jessie J
This Luv- Donell Jones

Those are just a few. I cant seem to be able to be away from my I-pod over the last few days. 
Apart from when it dies when I'm not at home and that just feels like my life has come to an end. It happened on Thursday and Tears came to my eyes.

I think I'm going to do a makeup post soon because quite a few people want to know where my makeup is from and how I apply it.

Till next time lovelies!!


  1. Very nice Spring look...x


  2. realli nice... LOVE d orange shorts

  3. you look amazing as always

  4. The colors are lovely and that top is so beautiful. :))



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