Chris by Christopher Bu

Some of you may have heard of him but with me being stuck in my ignorant little bubble, I only did a couple of days ago for the first time. 

Rising to fame 2 Cannes film festival's ago for one of Fan Bin Bing's marvellous dresses, Bu has taken initiative in creating his first ready to wear line, 'Chris by Christopher Bu'.
Pleasantly diverse as you will see, he mixes the most contradicting of ideas in the most intriguing manner.

Review and pictures continue after the jump....

 Although Infinitely more wearable than his past creations, he still uses his playful aesthetic and never ending colour way to create a number of versatile pieces. His inspiration is pulled from the radical chic of Britain's capital, Landin taawnn, shown by using prints showcasing the Queen, her guards, red telephone boxes and the iconic double decker buses. 
Never has kitsch been so delicate or pastels so powerful!

I don't read most emails from select PR companies because they can be quite patronising but yesterday, in absolute reluctance, I went on a whim and opened one from Jimmy T. I'm happy I did because I am now Bu's number 1 fan! 


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