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At first glance, labelling 'Black and white' as a trend seems to be borderline obtuse, BUT...
The good: Nothing exudes feminine sophistication more than a crisp monochrome outfit and it's it's easy to wear. 
Plus, the high street is already on it. Have you walked into Zara lately? 
The bad: It's predictable and being easy to wear makes it somewhat lazyish (Not like I'm complaining or anything)

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The good: Red signifies love, danger, power and possibly every other passionate word under the sun so, it serves as one hell of a statement colour. Stella Mcartney's Pre fall 13 collection embraced it, and so did Dolce and Gabana's A/W 13.

The bad: If done wrong, some may end up looking a little something like a blood clot. I've seen it before.

The good: Everything about the above 6o's themed trend board screams EDIE SEDGWICK! One of the few women who I believe had genuine timeless style and has been influencing all forms of arts and certainly fashion for decades. She was probably the best thing to come out of the 60's.

The bad: In contrast to the 'Black and white' and 'Red' trends, maturity is certainly not an element here. The 60's had even the most beautiful of women looking like prepubescent males with the short pixie hair do's and non-existent womanly curves. Prints were EVERYTHING; the checkered Vuitton print is the new 'hot trend' since the other LV 'hot trend' died like 2 minutes ago. In my little insignificant books, any designer who can make anything out of the sixties look good deserves a good pat on the back. I'm quite excited to see what comes out of this. 


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