I took these in the wee hours of one frosty morning just before back-sleep-walking into my 9am a couple of weeks ago. The recent resurgence of bad weather finally motivated me to finally post this.
It was also before my hair caught fire. (This isn't me being funny but feel free to see the humorous side.)
I was trying to do this romantic thing and it didn't quite work out. 
I've shed only a few millilitres of tears as I had Ruben the blue Koala/Panda to comfort me during rough times like this.
Now that I'm totally over it, and I've had my hair cut AGAIN! I might try something new. I have this Alicia Keys/suffragette's thing in mind. I'm about to go super feminist on all your asses.....
Or I might just go with the good ol' weave.

More pictures after the jump...

I'm wearing my ultimate go to jacket which everyone thinks is some sort of distressed Acne number, but It's really just a Vintage shop find.



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