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T Piga (Gold)

The beginning of my obsession with platformless shoes started when I saw these a few months ago.
Its been scientifically proven that the steeper the heel, the sexier the woman. Even if sometimes we end up walking like 90 year olds in shoes like these, does it really matter if we occasionally fracture our ankles?
Does it really?
Shoes like these may be the reason that some say heels are a majjaa backlash in the women's liberation movement. 

More things on my wish list after the jump...

Dolce and Gabanna Baroque sunglasses
I've been obsessing over these for a few weeks now. 

I recently discovered Andrascik's work. One can never go wrong with simple and clean silhouettes  and certainly not with these gorgeous blinding yellows! Nobody loves a bright more than I do.

I'll be seeing his show at LFW this season so you can expect a more detailed coverage.

I've pretty much fallen in love with everything in the Topshop Unique collection. Glam masculinity at it's peak!

Simply elegant!

I hope to own all items in this post in the near future.


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