Felder Felder AW 13/14

The conscious decision to use a big birded silhouette on a woman cannot usually be pulled off tastefully by most designers. Hats of to the Felder sisters, designer duo who showcased an extremely versatile collection on Friday. As the models walked down the runway, I could sense an attempt at targeting several types of women from different backgrounds; or better still one woman who embraces her kick ass identitiy crisis. In the past, I would have said the Felder Felder aesthetic was mainly 'Sexy-it-girl', but this collection proves this girl might be growing up. We see longer hemlines, sharper tailoring and a less subtle touch of elegance.

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Reworking the classic trench in all of its magnificence seems to be the most difficult thing to do as it has been reworked in so many different ways by so many different people. I have to say this is by far the most fascinating one I've seen. Styled with a matching trouser suit combination in what appears to be some sort of crushed velvet or reworked corduroy, innovation clearly no longer has boundaries. The sky is the starting point!

Certainly a pleasure to watch! Can't wait for next season.



  1. Not sure I like the fit of the clothes on the models. they are pretty but a bit fuller models would have rocked it better..



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