David Koma AW 13/14

There is something about high neck, strongly structured and voluptuous collars that gives a very obvious 'woman in power' aesthetic. Juxtaposed with with the odd candy coloured fabric and girly A-line silhouettes perhaps for a more feminine contrast.
One could very easily get lost in all the detailing. Ribbed ascents on leathers and what appears to be scuba fabric, innovation and a very 'back to the future' theme are in play. In other words, there are lots of futuristic elements. 

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Although more wearable than the CSM grad's usual designs, he has certainly kept to his ever so faithful layering of different textures . Moral of the story: Stick to what you know.

Clearly inspired by some form of circular shape Koma incorporates cyclical details in different proportions and fabrics. In pretty much every aspect of the designs, roundedness is found. From the necklines to the patterns and even the bottom 3-D views of the garments.


As seen on Beyonce, Rihanna, Kylie and Cheryl everyone loves a bit of DK!

Currently sipping on Lemsip as I write this, I feel as though I might be falling into a coma.
Like what I did there?
 No? ok.

Ain't nobody got time for no damn influenza. 




  1. It was such a good show wasn't it? I was there and really loved his stuff, especially the blue dress with metal work!

    Love the post.




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