#Nonoise please

Shopping is a bitter sweet experience for its ability to fulfil the desires of our ever hungry human nature EVERYTIME, but with the hustling and bustling, I'm sure some of us think some times it's not worth it. This is probably why seating in bed all day with a tub or 2 of ice cream on Asos.com  has become perfectly normal.
Although it's mostly sweet, I very rarely enjoy shopping because of the stress. I prefer to pass by the odd shop on my way to get something important; say some McDonalds fries or a Starbucks. The brilliant #NoNoise concept being launched at Selfridges tomorrow embodies everything perfect shopping could ever hope to be; No Noise, No mind messing, No rowdiness, No confusion. Everything is bare, simple and creates this almost nostalgic atmosphere that allows some peace and tranquility. 

I promise I'm not over exaggerating with these overly descriptive words. This morning at the press launch, we had a meditating  room.

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I was particularly intrigued by the fact that I could label pretty much everything I laid eyes on in the  carefully curated "Quiet shop" even without logos or descriptions. It really makes me wonder if most things that we encounter while shopping are really necessary. I mean, I know thats a Marmite jar, and I know what a can of coke looks like even without the loud and obnoxious logos being splattered all over it. I feel like everyone should go in to check out the No noise concept launching tomorrow and shop as peacefully as shopping can get. Thank me later ;)

Debranded Beats by Dre.

Alannah Weston, Selfridges Creative Director commented:
“Selfridges’ No Noise is a project which invites customers to find a moment of peace in a world where we are bombarded by a cacophony of information and stimulation. We hope that people will enjoy the restorative qualities of quietness by visiting our Silence Room and by participating in a specially curated programme of quiet experiences.”

EVERY SINGLE magazine editor, journalist and writer in the room had their legs crossed. Why do I have to be the lost soul who has it stretched like I'm in my father parlour. I need to change. What bothers me the most is this picture is from their instagram page. THE SHAME! 
Contrary to what my face may say in this photos, I did enjoy the short meditation session we had with Andy from HEAD SPACE. I forgot where I was for a hot minute!



  1. Lmao at you in the picture, you truly are special! Lol
    Happy new year wummerz :p

  2. See what I mean, you only on your blog clever sausage!

  3. Is that girl in the second row crying?


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