Lets talk mens wear

As the London Mens Collections grace themselves upon us I can't help but share what my 3 favourite trends are as the new season has officially started. As underrated as it is, there is something about men's fashion that intrigues me. I'm sure you've all noticed that a lot of trends we girls wear are inspired by males with the whole androgyny thing we've got going on, but what a lot of us fail to notice is that this works both ways.

Take coloured suits for example.
One of the strongest trends to come off both the menswear and womenswear catwalks, the coloured suit is a wardrobe must for spring. Reds and rusts like those seen at Paul Smith will make sure you stand out from the sartorial crowd or go for softer pastel shades for the perfect summer look. We all love a man in soft colours.

The honest truth is that I would wear these outfits above if I could have them tailored to by body shape and size. Rihanna did just that in this Acne ensemble as you can see below. Prints, androgyny, effortless cool, she's got it all sorted with this look.

Talking about stripes, let's discuss.....
Forget about the nautical kind, stripes take on a whole new, modern feel for spring summer 2013. Working or weekend chilling, go bold and clashing as at Marc by Marc Jacobs or subtle and smart as inspired by Ralph Lauren.

Print attack
From graphic to digital to optical, you can’t get away from prints this spring. An easy segue into new season style, make like
Vivienne Westwood and wear it head to toe or follow Alexander McQueen’s lead and go for a printed bomber – simultaneously nailing two trends in one. We should learn to kill 2 or 3 birds with one stone when the opportunity presents itself and the print attack allows us to do just that.

From full-on prints to a fresh take on stripes, fashion this season leaves no room for the timid. Prepare to be brave with my pick of three key trends for spring summer 2013.

Don't we all love a little bit of manspiration.



  1. I really do love men's fashion, I think it's a side of fashion that all women should be aware of too!
    Great post xx

  2. I love Ri Ri in that outfit, I'm starting to dip my feet more into the mens wear section as it's actual a treasure trove! x

  3. The outfit that i would desire a men to wear would be of Ralph Lauren. It the only inspirational collection that I can think of. Specially love his Club collar dress shirts.

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  5. Coloured suits are a new trend for men's fashion.Soft colours are not for only women now.

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