Fashion Fringe

For those who don't know, Fashion Fringe is usually the last show on the LFW schedule which exhibits what I could essentially call the rising talent of the London Fashion Scene.  It was founded in 2004 by Colin McDowell in a collaboration with IMG Fashion to support emerging designers in London to keep them local to London! Designers such as Corrie Nielsen, Jena Theo, Erdem, Basso & Brooke and Aminaka Wilmont have all benefited greatly from being past winners.
This year it showcased 3 designers of which the best man won! Haizhen Wang is his name and you should expect to see it more and more in the fashion books.
Wang's bold but wearable designs were the strongest of the lost which Is why I felt he deserved the win. They are all very talented but I feel like more people could relate with him because as well as  being the most detailed of the lot, he is also bang on trend with the somewhat military somewhat androgynous aesthetic he's got going on.

TEIJA was the second desginer to be showcased. His collection was of a nautral pallete matched with classic styels such as the perfect oversized trench you see below with cute little shorts and voluptuous dresses.

Vita Goetleb was the last contestant whose structural designs and rather innovative use of fabric did a great job too.

I love me some Hilary Alexander!!

All the designers models take a last strut down the runway at the same time so the audience could get a last look.

Christopher Bailey (Creative director of Burberry presenting the winner)

Wang and Teija's designs.

Do you think Wang deserved to win? Tell me why you do. If not, still tell me why and who you think should've won.



  1. great pics!!!
    xoxo Sienna

  2. looks amazing!


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