Beauty on the sabbath. (2)

*I was meant to post this yesterday, but I had the longest, busiest, crappiest day..... Lets just say blogging was not No1 on my to-do list.*

Omorovicza Gold rescue cream

This luxury beauty brand has to be one of the worlds best kept secrets because I'm not sure how I'm just hearing about them. Now, my face didn't feel like gold, or any other jewel as the name may suggest but it did feel ridiculously good and made it glow very subtly. I noticed a significant difference after my first use in terms of elasticity and smoothness. Now a pot does retail at £107, but I guarantee that once you use it, you face will never be the same.

Mac 'Care Free' Prolong wear eyeshadow.
MAC and I have a love hate relationship mainly because I've got oily/combination skin, but I must say that their pigments are one of the best that there is out there. The 'Care Free' Eyeshadow is great because it makes your makeup look just like the name suggests. I don't use it as an actual eyeshadow because it doesn't suit my skin tone but I use it as a highlighter/Bronzer and its the best high lighter I've ever used considering I've probably used everyone under the sun.

Tip-Spray a little water on the brush before using it as a highlighter for better result. 

Nails INC 'Brutton Mews' polish
Has anyone had any problem finding a nail polish that doesn't start chipping after day 3? I'm on day 4, and there is NO noticeable chipping yet. It's kinna hard to believe, but you can stop looking now, Nails INC is the way to go. At £11 a bottle, I would have thought it a bit outrageous before trying it but now that I have, its absolutely justified.
Not only is it great quality and like forever wear, this forrest shade of green colour I used it right on trend for fall.

Aesop  reverence Hand Balm.
I'm one of those people who can't stand dry hands, like it literally messes with my emotions so hand cream is a must in my bag at all times. Now, I aint never heard of no Aesop, but when I used it for the first time, I was like Wheeeeeeeeeerre haaaavee youuuu beeeeen?!!



  1. Nails inc make the most amazing nail polish sets . Im going to get some now!! Awesome review

  2. Budapest!! Ohhh how I looove that city. Almost cried when I moved less than two Weeks ago.:-( . I'll need to look for the face cream.

    Really nice blog you've got here and I LOVE VL. Can I buy online and get them shipped to Abu Dhabi?



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