Antoni & Alison

At the opening show of the LFW season, celebration was in order for it was the 25th anniversary of the design duos career together. Of course, we all know that no celebration of Antoni and Alison is complete without some bursts of colour, loudness, and a marching band. Yes, there was a marching band parading at the runway show. With all that, I was fascinated, but what caught my eye the most was the fluidity and effortlessness of EVERYTHING! All the dresses seemed to just sail past me in a very peaceful but vibrant manner almost like they were saying to us "Yes, its a celebration, and yes, we are beautiful creations, please step aside." Lots of bold, water colour, childlike prints but blended with such mature styles gave the collection a balance which take a great amount of skill and experience in the industry to create. I guess 25 years is no joke! I was certainly in awe by the end of the show and I cannot wait for next season.

Photography by me.

And yes, that was Hilary Alexanders head all up in my camera at the beginning. haha. Gotta love her! She was tapping her foot all the way through.

What do you guys think of the collection as a whole? Love or like it? Because you can't possible hate it!


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