Today, I'm a year older. (TBT3)

This photo was taken this time last year when we went club hopping in the dead town that is Shrewsbury for my birthday. 

Even I will mistake myself for a Pro pole lady here, but best believe I'm not in that line of work; not yet anyway. 19 years ago today, I was born. I don't get too excited by my birthday but I feel I should at least acknowledge the fact that God has added another year to my life and hope for a better and more prosperous year ahead. Quite Ironic that I'm saying a prayer right underneath his picture isn't it? I officially declare it #abadbitchesbirthday if I may do so myself teheeee.

I've reflected over the past year, what I've achieved between my birthday last year and today and how I can achieve more in this new year. I'm happy with myself but I do need to step it up a notch.

To see the rest of this post from last year, as it is a throwback thursday as well as my birthday,