All change: shoes with seasonal attitude

 Sensible goes out my window – if only briefly – with the promise of summer each year.
You’d think I’d learn. But that early morning sunshine fools me every time, and before too long, I’m shivering at the bus stop in a thin coat and bare legs. I notice I’m not the only one.
We’re all impatient to shuck off our heavy winter clothes, and feel fresh and free to move. For me, this seasonal itch is always allied with renewed determination to overhaul my look and get fit. Not a coincidence, I think.

Even exchanging winter boots for something lighter can feel good. This, I’ve decided, is the way forward. I’ve resolved to change my shoes to embrace the new season – and its new looks – without abandoning comfort or falling victim to the capricious weather.

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Salute the season in print shoes

Bold, vibrant prints are this season’s fashion obsession. But which of us is brave enough to step out in top-to-bottom printed pyjama sets like those sent down the catwalk by Stella McCartney?

That’s where the print shoe comes in. By keeping the pattern at ground level, the likes of you and me can inject fun into a look, without running the risk of being mistaken for a chintzy couch. From the high street – see Clarks’ bang on-trend floral pumps – to Prada's towering Mexicana wedges, the print shoe is a look that’s set to roll and roll.

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Look alive: colour block shoes

Attention-grabbing colours deliver a bolt of brightness, even when it’s still all gloom in the skies above. Think Jessica Alba colour-blocking with yellow shoes to lift a little black dress.

Commendably, Clarks women’s shoes – better known for comfort – have captured the trend again this season. There are zingy reds, purples and blues on offer – all in mercifully walk-friendly styles.
Of all the shoes in this post, these sandals are my favourite! 
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Shoe styles for smooth transitions

Shoe-boots, open toes, wedges and Mary Janes – they’re all quite the thing just now. And they are all also – in a stroke of fashion fortune for sensible seasonal enthusiasts – perfect for giving a little nod to warmer days, without making the total commitment required by a strappy sandal.

I’m eyeing up a pair of rather fabulous bright blue wedges with an ankle strap to transform my cold-weather uniform of basic black and camel. And I don’t think there’s anything to stop me running for the bus in those… These shoes are very mature and well, contrary to what you might think, very me.
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I hope you enjoyed my choices of comfortable practical shoes which can be worn when you want to feel like its summer but the weather is saying otherwise.


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