Throwback Thursday (4)

Looks like an actual authentic throwback picture doesn't it? Something you would find in your mothers albums, followed by her busting out a story which will never end about what happened on that faithful day; Those stories, I genuinely love. You can tell I was trying to reenact one of those extra sleek vintage pictures but didn't quite make it. I really just look like I've got one deformed leg. I mean If one saw it and I didn't tell them I took this picture about a year ago they would believe it was from the late 50's. Don't you agree? Although back then, just like I am now, I'll probably have been one of those clumpy awkward losers always in the back because everyone back then was so damn beautiful..........

This is probably why people say I dress up to maturely for my age. I was 16/17 back here which looking back on might have been very true. I mean the granny skirt?!! I've just recently turned 19 (Oh, the difference) but nothing has changed much. Not that I have noticed anyway. I experiment a little more with other themes every now again but fo sho, I'll always come back to the more elaborate but mature styles. I've just always been drawn to those things. What can I say *Flicks fake hair*


  1. yeah it definitely looks vintage.. outfit and all.
    i must admit i wouldn't have noticed the deformed looking leg if you hadn't pointed it out.
    you looked lovely though, even for a 16/17 year old. just goes to show you can never be too old or young to start WERKING IT...

  2. You look so vintage and I love it. This picture looks like it was taken in the 50's in Nigeria when everything was so good. xoxo Demmy

  3. Pretty, classy and totally vintage!!!

  4. you wear those shoes nicely, u make me want to go buy a pair...beautiful, classy, back in dem days look!

  5. Oh my gosh, you look adorable! I think you did a fine job with the vintage photo-- so impressed you were only 16!



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