Celine Resort

As the resort collections begin to grace themselves upon us, I've come to a conclusion that they might be my favourite collections of the year. Although, I don't quite get the point of it, it involves beautiful clothes so I'm in!  It's also not so highly anticipated or overhyped but equally as beautiful. Talking about overhyped..........Celine! I've never understood it. Well, not until I saw this editorial. Simplicity is great and I'd venture there every once in a while but its definitely not my staple style. I live for the loudness and artsy fartsy aspects of dressing up; Isn't that what makes it all fun?

The only difference with this collection is that as simply tailored as it is it's got those loud elements that I love. Bold colours, Yes please! Animal print, Check!, Pajama styles, uhuunn, sheer and even rumpled fabrics. 

There are a few other images from the editorial, but these were the ones that caught my eye and I might just be the most recently poached Celine fan. Who knows?
The trousers in the 3rd picture makes me happy. Why? Because I'm one of those people who Irons everything. It's great knowing that in a few months, it will be perfectly ok to leave your house looking like you've not got an iron at home.



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  2. quite beautiful... i love how well tailored the pieces are


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