I'm not really the biggest fan of having the skin of a dead animal rubbing against mine UNLINED. Never have, never will be unless I develop some sort of weird fetish. But  until then, I will only compromise if It's metallic! I've seen metallic blouses and I've seen snakeskin blouses, but never have I seen a combination of both so please allow me to gloat in the glory of owning such a gem! Let me not even go into trying to get the creases out of it. Lets just say that after hours of frivolous ironing, it finally became bearable but not near as neat as I would have liked. 

I only wish these topshop jeans were a bit baggier; then I would have called them perfect but I'll have to suffice as they are stupid comfortable, they make any outfit effortlessly cool. The only other problem with them is that I look like an idiot when wearing them without heels. More motivation for my "Heels every summer day" movement perhaps. (Which will probably fail) Other than those issues, they are pretty much ideal for a pair of tattered jeans.

Lots of Love


  1. Lovely. Where are the shoes from?

  2. Pretty!!!
    Love the jeans and the top is amazing too.

  3. You look cute ! Nice blouse ;)

  4. amazing top

  5. Wow!! I love this top:) And these yellow shoes too..

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