Escada never fails

I'm usually a morning person, but this was far from the case this morning. I have an automatic body clock so I don't bother with alarms anymore. I'm the sort of person that wakes up smiling and appreciates the chirping birds and I usually can't sleep past 8AM regardless of what time I slept the night before. But this morning I felt like death like I hadn't gotten a wink of sleep and I was therefore very nonchalant and grumpy hense the easy outfit. Escada simply never fails as all their pieces are so easy and effortless just like this blazer dress. It sure makes laziness and bad mornings somewhat glam!
 I've worn this exact outfit a couple of times but I never had an opportunity to take pictures. It wasn't so hot a day, but the sun was out and you know me, any slight opportunity to whip the legs out, I'm taking it!

I'll be doing a giveaway on this necklace tomorrow courtesy of Astrid and Miyu, so keep an eye out.

                                  Click here for more pictures!

 It's only Tuesday and I already consider this week to be a long one. Fortunately for you, I won't be able to chat as much shit as usual tonight as I'm literally dozing off as I type this but I really wanted to show you guys todays outfit.

Lastly, I've been meaning to ask you guys on your thoughts on how I can better this blog. I feel like I could learn a lot from you guys. After all, you are the readers. Do leave comments sweetie's.



  1. you look gorgeous! love your blazer!

  2. Love the whole look!
    The necklace and blazer are bomb!!!

  3. you look incredibly fierce!

  4. I love your necklace. I think your blog would be better if you post more about all the styling jobs you do. I love reading about those and looking at the pictures. xoxo Demmy

  5. Gorgeous dress! You look amazing with your outfit. We love it!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
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  6. That's something special!!
    Follow each other? :)


  7. you are really working that jacket :)


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