Optical Illusion

Lets play a game. Who can guess what the image is on this dress. If you thought an Alien face an eagle or an axe (which all came to my mind) then you have failed! Without further ado, Its called the waist shrinker ladies and more ladies. It does everything you cant even begin to imagine a dress can do. More so, I guarantee that it will NOT hurt your pocket.

I mean, if you don't mind spending Thousands on the Stella Mcartney version then go on soldier, spend that cash and eat porridge fore the rest of the month.

But, if you want to have an optically transformed body and eat a normal 5 square meal as well as having a balanced diet like I like to have, then please, do yourself a favour. You will definitely be killing more that 2 birds with half a fricking stone.

Find it here

Another Optical illusion dress which is less obvious and more up my street as I'm a stud girl. 
Her waist seems extremely tiny or am I just extremely biased?

Find it here
Thank me later

My Friend showed me the Goddiva site on Monday and I've been going through it one page at a time and I have found a few Items that I must add to my closet wardrobe.

They get a lot of style inspiration from celebrities, so if you've seen an outfit on a celebrity, you will more times than not find it on there.



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