No pain no gain?

             You see a somewhat extravagant blouse and an extra shiny pair of shoes and you probably think well someone was happy on this day.......
           I'd like to enlighten you about what happens when you wear a pair of platform-less shoes which don't offer near enough support for even a matchstick figure. In actual fact, you WILL cry. Some things are just not worth the pain man and these shoes are definitely not one of them.. I'm not even sure "shoes" is the right word for these wooden artifacts with a bit of glitter sprinkled all over it. They are very beautiful indeed, but Zara might have to work on the comfort factor . I'm not asking that the shoes make me feel like I'm flying but that at least I'll be able to take 2 steps without looking like fricking hunchback of fricking Notre dame. I'm just never wearing them again. EVEEER!!
         No Pain no gain indeed. The hell did I gain because I'm pretty sure that my legs still resemble a grasshoppers.

          I wore the top HERE with the same bag but different shoes which gave me a similar experience to these. 
      Me and my choice of shoes sometimes.... I just wonder.

        Being a Woman girl, you just have to forget the pain and keep it moving right? I took a shot at this and I tell you, I can still see the pain in my eyes. You probably can too.

                           Click here for more pictures

I've had this skirt for 2 years but it has never been worn outside the four walls of my bedroom. It's a bit outdated now, but the flapper girl effect wins me over every time I try it on; makes me feel like I'm in the 1020's. Only, instead of feathers, its heavily processed polyester. 

Can you see the pain?

Can you see it?

On a lighter note, I'm in Kent (happy land) for the next 3 days then back to london for 3 days. Then I'm back to Kent for 3 weeks. Now, you all know my schedule, I'd like you to bare with me for the latter. I may not have a lot of time on my hands as I've got deadlines like no mans business but at least I'm telling you in advance, so you're not allowed to be mad at me :)

Love, Love and more love,



  1. Such a great look - I adore your blog!


  2. The shoes are amaze!!! If you don't want them sell them and I will definitely buy them! lol (I will just make sure I wear them to a dinner only!) xxx

  3. So pretty!! :) Love those shoes!

  4. LMAO! Those shoes are definitely not for walking then. Nice outfit anyway!

  5. they make your feet look so ladylike! I really love the outfit x

  6. Thanks for the honest review of the sandals. I almost ordered a pair from Zara yesterday, also very similar to the ones you have, but then again after my previous experience with shoe without a platform I was like no thanks. They are so cute though


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