Ebay is King.......China is Heaven

Sultry and I..... Those two words should never be in the same sentence but I had to stop sending images to the trash and suck it up. Nothing can be perfect. It doesn't even look anything close to sultry. More like the person behind the lens was munching on something irresistibly juicy and with me being a glutton..... I ran and attacked. We.call.it.The.Hunger.Games.

(seriously, now go back to the picture and think about what I just wrote)

In other news, I wore comfortable shoes! Considering the fact that these were £9. Yes boys and girls, you read right 9 pounds sterling. I'm impressed. They do have some cheap factors e.g proportions and loose sides; but then again, they are no giuseppes and If you expect anything close to giuseppe standards for 9, you must be smoking la-la. Saying they are amahhzziing is a tad bit ambitious, but they are pretty damn good for the price. Comfy and pretty; I'll advice that you all invest snatch up a pair.  Got them on ebay. Ebay is King.......China is Heaven *Moment of silence as I bow*

I did force the booty area out a bit here, but a girl just wants to be  feel sexy.

I've got nothing on her hunger face



  1. you are one funny girl! you are werking that outfit, the colors are popping!

  2. lol .. you are funny !! and already sexy !! love the neon top . xx

  3. Your skirt and shoes are gorgeous!


  4. You are so beautiful and humours as i can sense from writing
    The outfit is amazing, and we should all remember sometimes you don't have to be broke , to look sexy and classy.
    Loving the shoes too, can you send a link of where its from on ebay please?
    So glad I stumb by your blog following right away!

  5. I love the wedges and the skirt, so particular!! <3
    And you are featured on Vogue Italia great!

    I follow U on Facebook, Goggle and Bloglovin (94*) i hope you could do the same visiting my blog, it will be a pleasure for me.. www.thefabframe.com

    xoxo from Milan, next week new posts from Madagascar!

  6. Finally a curvy girl who is proud of her body and doesn't look trashy!! YYEEAAHHH!!!

  7. WERK IT!!
    Wedges look great w/that skirt.

    J x

  8. I love your blog! I just stumbled on it and I'm hooked.

    Your new follower
    Nestled in Nostalgia


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