Grab somebody sexy tell em hey!

I didn't have a lot of good full outfit photos on this occasion, but that's because It was so dark everywhere, and I was lucky enough to get these ones at least. 

Today was quite an emotional one for me. I left wem!! :( I was there for 4 years, and I've done a lot of growing up there, so leaving was painful, and like a little soggy girl, I cried. lol.

More photos of this outfit after the jump

 I've been mega busy with moving and preparing for my leavers ball which was yesterday So, I haven't had time to do what I said I'll do but they are coming soon guys. honest!! I'm now done with all that. 
OMG! I was just watching Beyonce's Glastonbury Performance. She is beyond this planet honestly. I don't think she is human. 
Now going to the cinema with my sisters to watch Bridesmaids. I've heard its good. hope it is!

Bye beauties.


  1. Love your jumpsuit, the colour is fantastic!!That was exactly my reaction at Beyonce OMG....I want to be her!! xxx

  2. Amazing outfit! That green suits you :)

  3. the jumpsuit is such a nice colour!

  4. Fabulous jumpsuit!

  5. That jumpsuit is stunning! & the shoes... and don't get me started on the necklace and blazer! :O

  6. OMG this green jumpsuit is AMAZING!!!!!! incredible...u look so beautiful!!!

    I loved Beyoncè's performarce!! She was and she is great. Just bought the new CD!

  7. u look amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Beautiful jumpsuit!!! Love the silky material :D

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