The End Of An Era

I'm so tempted to quote the words to the Graduation song by Vitamin C, But I know some people will have my head. I have uploaded quite a number of photos because I just couldn't cut it down to my usual 10 photos. I hope they all do the talking, because I can't describe the feeling I had.

More photos after the jump.

well well well, what do we have here?!

I've begun to experience withdrawal symptoms to my slightly more organised life in school. Also, my bed, and my ridiculously hot room. (even in the winter) I'm also going to miss laughing at people during lunch. :( and the really bad food. damn that shit was nastaaaayy! 

I know i said I wasn't going to do anything related to the graduation song, but I have to upload the song. I just have to

This song is so relevant to us, We even have our own version to it, but I promised the girls not to upload it because its so embarrassing. you guys know I don't mind embarrassing myself every once e in a while but I have to respect their last wishes. *Whispers* maybe later ;)

What I wore
Virgos Lounge dress(not yet on the website, part of the new collection out in july)
Mawi earings
asos necklace as head piece
louboutin shoes
H&M orange skirt under the dress

P.s. I'm trying to cook now, and a pot of rice just exploded. Don't even ask how.
My face is just lucky.

Till next time lovelies!!


  1. lol. You look lovely! I saw your tweet about the exploding rice!

  2. omg, i love your dress! the fabric is wonderful!

  3. Omg princess!!! :0
    Perfect dress and color... i loved <33


  4. That dress is gorgeous!
    Everything is lovely :)

  5. You all looked beautiful. Great memories i`m sure.

  6. u look stunning,love ur dress&makeup...nice pics too!!!!!!!1

  7. Great photos, you look gorgeous. Orange really likes you xxx

  8. Gorgeous dress. The color compliments you very well.

  9. I love the green dress, saw it on bella naija a while ago, how can I get it?

  10. i love that dress! and i love your blog!


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