Beginning of summer!!!!

So many plans for the next couple of months. I'm going to be freeeeee!!! then on to more freedom in uni!! 
This is what I wore to church today.  It's my last time going to church in wem. :'( And as many more "last" things have been taking place, I get sadder and sadder.

More photos after the jump.

The sun was out today. I had just had enough of the crappy weather. My weekend has been extra busy with lots of fun stuff!! I will be updating lots for the next few days. Plus, My leavers ball is tomorrow. whoooooop!

Its quite sad though. I've been here for 4 years. I always thought that when I was leaving I will be uncontrollably happy- Which I am, but I'm also so sad. Sigh. 
I'll update again tomorrow. I'm going to shed some tears now. LOL

(last time I'm going to be writing this. I'm answering some questions tomorrow in a vlog)
In the mean time, if anyone would like to ask me any questions regarding anything, you can leave a comment (anonymous or not) here, or shoot me an email at Or, you can go to the ask page on my tumblr page HERE .I've received quite a lot of questions from you guys but I keep loosing them somewhere in my inbox, so if you could just resend them please. That way it would be easier for me to answer all at once, perhaps in a vlog or so. Seriously!! ask me anything, I promise to answer all questions. 

see ya later alligators ;)


  1. you look nice wemi.your skin is glowing.looking forward to the posts :)

  2. what facial stuff do you use. like was and moisturiser

  3. Gorgeous dress, the turquoise necklace works so well with it! <3

  4. Love the nude look and the necklace was the right amount of colour.

  5. u look so sweet! i love ur dress!

  6. Gorgeous outfit, LOVE your necklace and shoes!

  7. gorgeousss dress! I love that you added some edge/fun with the leopard pumps!

    XO Sahra

  8. I love this outfit! Tres gorgeous!

  9. I love your blog, and I was just wondering if you have boyfriends cuz you are pretty.

  10. Gorgeous dress and combo with the shoes and necklace...


  11. This is dress is so beautiful! I loved how your accessorized this! xo


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