Theluxedollhouse (Sema)

Interviewee number 2! 
Its Sema from Theluxedollhouse. From her tumblr you can tell that she has an eye for good things...
Not only is she v.pretty, she is also a nice/supportive person.
Check her style out
What is style to you?
For me, style is about knowing who you are, your body type and being able to express yourself through clothes in a way that's acceptable and also eye pleasing. I believe this is where the distinction between knowing whats "in fashion" and having a "sense of style" lies. Most of the time, my outfits tend to reflect my mood. 

Who/What inspires you?
My family and friends are definitely my biggest source of inspiration! But, If you meant fashion wise I would have to say Victoria Beckham is my biggest source of Inspiration( I'm sure I didn't need to say that! Everyone who reads my tumblr must know this

Where you shop?
Hmnnnnn.. I shop in so many different places tbh. My fave high street stores are; Zara, H&M and BCBG Maxazria. I always find amazing things in these stores and for my high end bargains I usually shop online; MatchesFashion, TheOutnet, Net-a-Porter amongst others usually have great deals. Occasionaly, I walk into Selfridges, Holt renfrew, Davids, Saks 5th Avenue, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus e.t.c.

Who is the one thing in your closet you can't do without?

That's like the hardest question ever! I like how you reffered to it as "who"! haha! I actually cannot do without ALL my shoes, I love all of them equally. :S Hmnnnnn, I think my Jeffery Campbell Lita's. This is because it's the most comfortable thing ever! It doesn't even make sense how comfortable it is. It's  like what 6"? :O and I can literally wear it everyday!! 

A style secret you have?
There's nothing like being overdressed. I'm sure there's alot of people that will read that and be like, huh? But, yea.. I said it! The thing about me is whether I'm just going to get my hair done, lunch with friends, out with my parents or to a fashion show I always tend to dress up. I actually don't exactly do it intentionally but I always get the (Sema, omg you are so dressed up) reaction from my friends, but, the thing is I mean you never know who you are going to come in contact with on that blessed day...

What Make-up do you use?
I don't really use make-up tbh. Probably because, I don't really know how to, but, one thing I can't do without is my eye-liner. I would use any brand, I don't really care I just NEED my eye-liner, my foundation/powder I am currently using(IMAN), my vaseline and I'm good to go. Occasionaly I use Mascara, Lippies and eye-shadows, but, more often than not, I don't.

Thanks Sema!!
                                                                Check her blog out HERE
                                                                       Till next time :)


  1. She's got great style!!

    Fashion Rehab

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    Loveeee your style! So fashion <33



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    Xisses, Onyxsta

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    love her long black dress

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  8. Yeah she's got a great style plus she's also super nice. Cool stuff.

  9. Thanks Dolls! :* :*


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