Intrigue me now. (inga)

Not only is she extremely Beautiful, but she also has an amazing personality. I'm happy she took time out of her busy schedule to answer my questions.

1. What does style mean to you?
 For me style isn't just about the clothes, it's about the whole look and how you present yourself.

2. What is the one thing in your closet/wardrobe you can't do without
 It might be a pair of my old biker boots, I feel like I'm going to wear them till they fall apart! I don't do medium heights, for me it's either all or nothing when it comes to shoes, so boots and brogues are pretty much only flats I accept : )
3. A style secret you have?
 Avoid overdoing it! Simple, well combined clothes with a little chic detail to dress up an outfit- your everyday look sorted.
4. Who/what inspires you?
 Unfortunately I don't happen to have time to browse through inspiration blogs or read fashion magazines, but if I accidently see anything that I like be that ad campaign, store window display or interesting person on the street, I will keep the idea for my looks or photography in mind.

5. The makeup you use
 I'm all about the eyes OR lips person. My two favourite looks for eyes include smokey and liner, I use these all the time for my photos and they really make your eyes stand out unlike the usual coat of mascara that might be OK for real life but will be unnoticed on the pictures. For lips I go with either nude, bright red or dark plum shades : ) 

I am Absolutely in LOVE with her style!!

Check her Blog out HERE

Thanks Inga

Till next time people...


  1. I saw that famous shearling jacket picture a lot on the internet. she is a hatttayy

  2. wow great blog hun keep it up x

  3. These photos are amazing, thanks fro the inspiration!!!

  4. Cool post ;D


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