Chicastyle (Federica) self taught designer

A self taught fashion designer?!! I think that's pretty awesome. Her style is classy and simple. 
Easy going. I like that.

what does style mean to you?
1)Style for me means to be myself as an individual, learning to express myself and be happy with who I am. There is something that all of us can do better than any other, must listen to the inward voice and bravely obey that. Being different is absolutely beautiful.

What cant you do without in your closet?
2)Ooh this is a hard question..mmh let me think…OK I can't do without my leather jackets, I love all of them in the same way. Only yesterday I bought 3 different leather jacket in a vintage marketplace, different colors, different style, but it's like a drug, I need one more everyday….I can pair them with everything and obtain so many different outfits, this is the reason why I like them so much!

Any style secrets?
3)My secret is to be simple but chic. I wear classy clothes but paired with particular and strange accessories: for example sequined arm warmers or vintage bags/ necklace. As I am an independent fashion designers, I don't like being overdressed. I love to wear oversized off shoulder or one shoulder sweaters.
Where do you get your inspiration from
4)My inspiration comes from everything in my life: experience,feeling,sunlight,smile,tear… Ordinary people along the street can inspire me for a design, for a style or for a color…
But my muse since the beginning of my career  is Chanel!!!

your Basic makeup routine
5)Very easy make up: eyeliner, mascara and a nude lipstick. I am not good to make up my face, I've tried but with failed results ;)
What do you do?
6)I do the best job as ever: I am an independent designer so I can express myself, my personal style without rules and feeling free…I am so happy about my life, I don't earn so much money, but I can choose to live my experiences!!!

Who are your favourite designers?
7)I have different favorite designers but most of them are still unknown ;) …

Where do you shop?
8)I do shop in vintage marketplaces, in small but precious boutiques, and of course Zara and H&M. It depends on what I am looking for.

your daily skin routine:

wash and clean my face and my body with organic products. I am just a simple person ;)

Check her blog out here
Thanks a lot Federica

Till next time :)

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