At the end of the day everyone is the same.

Church on sunday was umm..... DEEP! in a good way of course. 
I didn't day dream and thats HUGE for me.
I thought about my lifestyle and how to be a better person so that I'll be ever ready for the BIG G-O-D!
This is what I wore anyway.

This dress has to be the one dress I have mishandled the most in my life.... I feel so bad for her sometimes. I've had her for like 2 years and this is the 1st time I've worn her. that's really bad. She's that one dress that's been tried on loads of times on different occasions but never gets chosen. I wonder how heartbroken and rejected she feels.
And yes, I'm referring to the dress as a she.
 I seem to be wearing a lot of old but never worn things of late. 

My feature week thing is going to be from next week, I'm so excited......  :D you should be too. I Cant rant for too long because I've got to go do some coursework :) :D The word coursework makes me tingle.... whoop..................I'M LYING 

p.s 1. can I just point out how long that slit is. My friend swore she saw my bum cheek but I had no idea X_X

p.s.2 I just love how I said I don't want to rant when Ive already typed up like 50 paragraphs. sigh.... 

Till next time lovelies.


  1. Aww I can't believe this is just the first time your wearing it, its so cute!! nice choice of shoes too.

    Fashion Rehab

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    I've been following, you've got great style, love the pop of colour with the shoes...x

  3. love the dress.. so fabulous.
    your shoes are amazing.
    go girl..!!

  4. LOVE those shoesies! Seriously growing a soft spot for chunky heels this summer and those bad boys are crying out to the colour of them the best :)

    Xisses, Onyxsta

  5. You look phenominal! That dress is soooo prety! Loving that shoe color as well!

  6. That dress fits you like a glove.... AMAZING!!


  7. that dress is amazing! you look stunning! wow! <3

  8. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, made me happy =)

    You wear the dress so well, and pairing it with those beautiful shoes makes it that much better! Very classy and feminine.
    Definitely no bum show from what I can see!

  9. that dress is absolutely gorgeous! it fits you so well. love the bright pink shoes too!

  10. simply and perfect! simply perfect!!! dress, shoes and you!

  11. Hi dear thanks for your lovely comment!
    I love love love your dress and shoes. You look so chic and cute!


  12. follow you! thanks for comment. follow me back :)

  13. thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comment!

    the scalloped edge takes my breath away!


  14. Wonderful pics! You're beautiful!
    I love the shoes, but also dress is really nice!

    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much!

  15. really nice shoes! thank u 4 ur comment!

  16. Where is the dress from? Lav eet


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