I'm going to share a secret

Basic, simple dress, but I just love the colour. I paired it with a clutch I haven't used since my prom, a pair of pink open toes, pink nails, and a chunky necklace. One of my faves....

My Granny Coat.

I've grown up so much it suprises me. And I know i'm not meant to say that about myself, but everyone else does, so I'm allowed. Incidents that happened over the past few months have definitely shown me how life really is. I cant always get my way. In the past, If I didnt get what I wanted, I flipped, threw tantrums and everyone around heard about it. Now, things are surely calmer with me. I thank The big GOD for that. :)
I kinna liked a guy, and it was ummm.. very silly of me taking the situation into consideration... lol. BUT I was the foolish one. but, thats ok, everyone does foolish things. There's nothing special about him, so I don't know what came over me. I think it was just because We were close and spoke all the time. We are still friends though, and that's good. It wasn't even the fact that nothing happened that got me mad, but because I didn't get my way. That's not even normal. I used to be such a brat!!
Now when I don't get my way, I just go on with life and before I' know it, its completely out of my system faster that I can imagine. Also, I've sworn to myself that I will never be in that situation again. Being foolish once is OK, not twice.
The only reason why I'm writing this up is because, I need to write it down, release it, and completely forget about it. Also, to share my experiences with my ever loving readers and followers.
I feel like a weight has been lifted. :) probably because I don't usually post personal stuff.. 
Moral of the story- You cannot always get your way. As Captainobviousish as that is, it has to be said!

Moving on.... 

I got one of my offers, and I didn't get the other. Thank God for the positive one, and even the negative. It could have been worse. I could have gotten NONE! Everything is so competitive these days. sigh*
I'm still waiting on the rest. Thanks for everyone's kind words and Good luck wishes.

Till next time lovelies.


  1. Hey, sometimes simple is best and makes the best statement. Love the color of the dress and that necklace!


  2. This post is so fitting to my life sometimes, at 19 I still behave like a brat and act stroppy, but only sometimes (side eye)....x


  3. luv the outfit...ut i gotta ask...where are your shoes from?...i love them..

  4. congrats on your offer..more great things for u....x

  5. amazing outfit.!!
    good thing u let it out of ur mind..
    positive vibes only..!!


  6. On to the next one hunny!
    I think you ARE mature, just for jotting that down and clicking on the 'post' button is a mature thing. I guess we've all been there, thats what makes us girls. Thinking with our hearts and not our minds....but hey, mistakes are made to be learned from, and i'm glad you seem to be a learner not a tripper

    Xisses, Onyxsta


  7. So pretty! I love the color of the dress--you look stunning.

  8. nice outfit. where is your dress from?

  9. Wow, that dress is amazing! Great colour!

  10. love ur outfit ho,its nice to grow up for sure,i got married so young and used to throw tantrums@my husband all e time if I didnt get my way but now Im much wiser,I jst get on with it hehe

    Welldone4being so mature&brave2share

  11. awwww we all have brat moments in life , but its a good thing that you can see that and that your moving forward xoxo

  12. So cute...color really works with your complexion!

    Love The Blog (Following)



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