"You fight for the fashion you're passionate for, you can't spell wardrobe without the word war."

These shorts have to be the most annoying piece of clothing I have. Every single time I wear it, I have to be concious. I don't like that. I like to be free as a bird. I saw some possible replacements but they are no Levi's... not even close. oh well, I guess these shall suffice till I find another pair of befitting Levi's

NO! I don't stuff my hair with socks :/

I just saw Drive angry 3D!! Its a must watch. Its amazing if you ignore Amber Heards acting in some scenes. But the 3D-ness is amazing in some bits and there were some hilarious bits but only the part with William Fitchner. The gouryness just killed me with laughter. As horrible as that sounds, you cant really feel bad about 2 devil worshippers getting killed with a coin in a mili second. 

I've got an interview tomorrow. Please wish me all kinds of luck and put me in your prayers :)

Plus, it feels so good that everyone is back in school and I'm not :D

Thanks lovelies

Photos courtesy of Id

Till next time....


  1. Look great.


  2. Am looking for a pair of cut off denims! Love yours!


  3. Feel self-conscious? WHY hunny? Those shorts look FAB on you...dunno why you would :s

    Xisses, Onyxsta



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