Selfridges: Beauty Box

The Selfridges Beauty box has just been released this week; It is positively interesting to say the least...
I was sent one last week and that Azature Black Diamond nail polish is reason enough to get it. Cant afford the real deal for £180,000, then why not?! I can't speak for you all, but who doesn't want a nail liqueur with a real black diamond in it. Watch me finish this bottle, dig it out and pawn it. #balling
Look at that Sparkle. Shop Azature 
The Bare minerals lipgloss clashes with my new but probably shortlived obsession with pink, while the Illamasqua pigment is the richest you ever saw and gives the most luminous effect. All in all, this is about the most perfect thing I can suggest for a luxurious bulk beauty buy. It is also financially wise as its got a combined value of £110, but only costs £25; sounds a bit dreamy, but it is real.


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  1. Nails look gorgeous
    S xx


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