First collection.

I wrote a rather lengthy story which I removed because I thought 'this is just tmi, noone cares.' The long and short of it was about the inspirations behind my collection. It all started at 'The Bronze Exhibition' curated by David Ekserdjian at Royal Academy last October. I had never seen anything like it. I won't go into that in full detail right now, but the following really caught my attention.

Shiva Nataraja
Kapala Hevajra

I feel like when designing something, anything, you should have different sources of inspiration for the detailing e.g colour way and silhouette; It gives you more options. The latter paid ode to the Good ol 50's gals.
I've always been infatuated with the colour red and I went through this buddhism/hinduism research phase after I visited the museum. Although, I have always hated the combination of red and gold because if that doesn't scream tick-tacks than I don't know what does. I ended up 'compromising' with bronze. Initially I was a bit blind sided to the fact that it was actually 'The Bronze Exhibition' Hey wumz, how about just using bronze, you know? It took me about 2 months to realise this, but never mind that.

I designed, constructed, styled and directed the shoot by the amazing Mr Jon Strange. They may not be perfect, but I am proud as hell. :) Believe it or not, just that coat look cost me £300 to make and I can't even wear it because it was tailored to my model who is a very small size 6. #Pain

More pictures after the jump...

Nova Paval
Sophie Anna Hall

Photographer: Jon Strange



  1. Love the collar looks so rich
    especially the top and trousers
    S xx

  2. I love the detailing on the jacket and I love those trousers!!


  3. Its always a good thing to get out and bring your ideas to life. I admire that, Congrats.


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